Atos in 5G-Tours

Atos is participating in 5GTOURS project through its Research and Innovation hub, which has more than 30 years’ experience in running research, development and innovation projects within the European Union. From this division, Atos is currently participating in more than 100 projects, leading around 30% of them. Through this division, […]

ENENSYS Technologies in 5G-Tours

ENENSYS Technologies, through its subsidiary ENENSYS Expway, is glad to be part of the 5G-Tours H2020 project and bring its expertise in a mobile broadcast to implement 5G-based use-cases targeting large audiences. With the participation of ENENSYS Expway, the 5G-Xcast H2020 project has paved the way towards the use of […]

NOKIA Hellas in 5G-TOURS

NOKIA Hellas is honored to be a member of the 5G-TOURS H2020 project consortium, along with 27 other European partners, in order to exploit the 5G-driven quality of life improvements for tourists and citizens. Nokia Hellas has a presence of 30 years in Greece giving a vote of confidence to […]

Ericsson Italy and 5G-TOURS

Ericsson Italy (ERI-IT) represented by R&D Italy, is proud to work on 5G-TOURS H2020 project built by a consortium, in which 28 of the most innovative companies in the 5G arena from eight countries cooperate to exploit 5G-driven quality of life improvements for tourists and citizens. Ericsson is present in […]