No. Video Description
1 5G-TOURS Cartoon
This cartoon video shows the European 5G Vision of “5G empowering vertical industries” closer to commercial deployment with 13 highly innovative use cases involving citizens and tourists in 3 types of cities.
2 Webinar 1
This webinar is a part of “5G end to end experimentation by verticals in EU projects”.
3 Webinar 2
Webinar is about the use of broadcast and multicast technologies in 5G, integration and application to use case 4 in 5G-TOURS.
4 Webinar 3
A webinar is focused on the technology that is powering immersive experiences on several 5G-TOURS use cases.
5 vrAIn: A deep learning approach tailoring computing and radio resources in virtualized RANs
While the application of the NFV paradigm into the network is proceeding full steam ahead, there is still one last milestone to be achieved in this context: the virtualization of the radio access network (vRAN). Due to the very complex dependency between the radio conditions and the computing resources needed to provide the baseband processing functionality, attaining an efficient resource control is particularly challenging. In this demonstration, we will showcase vrAIn, a vRAN dynamic resource controller that employs deep reinforcement learning to perform resource assignment decisions. vrAIn, which is implemented using an open-source LTE stack over a Linux platform, can achieve substantial savings in the used CPU resources while maintaining the target QoS for the attached terminals and maximize throughput when there is a deficit of computational capacity.
6 Practical 5G Healthcare use cases in the 5G-TOURS project
This is a video from Connect University about the Practical 5G Healthcare use cases in the 5G-TOURS project.
7 Joint 5G EVE – 5G-TOURS Demo Webinar
Collaboration between 5G EVE and 5G-TOURS – Belkacem Mouhouche, Samsung (Technical Manager of 5G-TOURS)

  • Demo 1: Smart parking in Athens International Airport – Evangelos Kosmatos, WINGS
  • Demo 2: Augmented tourism experience – Enrique Quirós, Atos
  • Demo 3: Teleguidance for diagnostics and intervention support – Ian Hay, Orange
  • Wrap-up – Mauro Boldi, TIM