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22 Sep 2021 5G Broadcast Status in 3GPP and EU project progress
Belkacem Mouhouche, Alvaro Ibanez
5GIA-TSDSI Webinar on “5G Trials and Pilots” 2.4 Mb [PDF]
16 Dec 2021 The Itinerant Orchestra, a 5G, multi-camera, remote and distributed video production experiment
Luca Vignaroli
IBC 2021
30 Sep 2020 5G use cases for vertical industries in touristic, safe and mobility-efficient cities: challenges and facilities Online 69.5 Mb [PPTX]
2 Feb 2020 Practical 5G Healthcare use cases in the 5G – TOURS project
Fons de Lange (Philips)
Online 13 Mb [PPTX]
4 Dec 2019 Data analytics based orchestration
Albert Banchs
5G PhD School Italy
Berlin, Germany
2.49 Mb [PDF]
7 Nov 2019 5G-TOURS: An Overview including Business Modelling of new 5G Verticals
Anthony Dunne (RW)
Berlin, Germany
6.60 Mb [PPTX]
10 Oct 2019 5G InfraPPP Trials Roadmap European Trials Roadmap (5G IA Trials WG)
Panagiotis Demestichas (Nokia-France)
IEEE 5G World Forum (WF-5G)
Dresden, Germany
2.62 Mb [PDF]
30 Sep 2019 Vertical Sector Transformations through Advanced Wireless Technologies and A.I. (The role of MEC)
Panagiotis Demestichas (WINGS)
IEEE 5G World Forum (WF-5G)
Dresden, Germany
1.51 Mb [PDF]
15 Sep 2019 5G-Broadcast Trials in 5G-TOURS
Eduardo Garro (UPV)
IBC 2019 FOBTV Meeting
Amsterdam, Netherlands
2.70 Mb [PDF]
3 Sep 2019 5G-TOURS inputs to 5G-EVE
Marco Gramaglia
5G-EVE project plenary
Pisa, Italy
6 Mb [PPTX]
21 Jul 2019 5G-TOURS Introduction: 5GsmarTmObility, media and e-health for toURistsand citizenS
Belkacem Mouhouche (SRUK)
Valencia, Spain
2.38 Mb [PDF]