5G-TOURS will deploy full end-to-end trials to bring 5G to real users for thirteen representative use cases.

The project will provide efficient and reliable close-to-commercial services for tourists, citizens and patients in three different types of cities:

  • Rennes, the safe city where e-health use cases will be demonstrated;
  • Turin, the touristic city focused on media and broadcast use cases;
  • Athens, the mobility-efficient city that brings 5G to users in motion as well as to transport-related service providers.

These services will not only improve the quality of life for citizens and tourists, but also represent an important business opportunity as they address industry segments accounting for more than 50% of the estimated revenues generated by verticals.

The fundamental feature of the 5G-TOURS concept is the dynamic use of the network to seamlessly provide different types of services adapted to the specific needs of individual use cases. 5G-TOURS will enable different capabilities such as network slicing, virtualization, orchestration or broadcasting as well as additional features developed by the project to bring more flexibility and improved performance. The ambition is to fully demonstrate pre-commercial 5G technologies at a large scale, showing the ability of the 5G network to meet extreme and conflicting KPIs while supporting very diverse requirements on the same infrastructure.

The 5G-TOURS mobile network system will integrate strategic components of the ecosystem, including the network infrastructure, terminals and end-devices, the vertical solutions enabled by 5G, and the vertical customers receiving the services. 5G-TOURS has devised a thorough evaluation plan to scrutinize the viability of the use cases, addressing technical performance by analyzing both network service KPIs and application-level KPIs, economic impact by analyzing the estimated generated revenues and, ultimately, the satisfaction of the vertical customers.