The first edition of the 5G-TOURS newsletter

We are delighted to present the first edition of the 5G-TOURS newsletter, in which project achievements, innovation stories, and relevant events are highlighted. Tourism, Health, and Transport are three high-value economic domains for Europe which have been chosen by the 5G-TOURS consortium to demonstrate the advantages of 5G technology through […]

WINGSPARK – a new, simple and secure platform for easy parking (in AIA) powered by 5G / advanced wireless systems

We are ready to launch an instance of the WINGSPARK platform, an IoT / AI powered solution that is being deployed at AIA, in the context of 5G-TOURS! We introduce a new era in digital parking services in AIA, enabling drivers to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free parking experience. We […]

5G-TOURS workshop on Globecom 2020

CALL FOR WORKSHOP PAPERS SECTION I: Workshop Information Workshop Number: WS-15 Workshop Title: Early deployments of 5G networks features and performance. Workshop Organizer(s): Simon Fletcher (Realwireless, UK) Belkacem Mouhouche (Samsung R&D Institute UK) Roman Odarchenko (Bundleslab, Hungary) Email Address of Organizer(s): Workshop Scope: 5G systems have been […]