EA organised a Summer Camp on its premises, from the 27th of June till the 1st of July, based on the story of Myrtis and the AR applications developed for UC13. In this event, 19 students have participated. Myrtis presents her city and her entire era to her “classmates”. She presents her house, her games, talks about her diet, shares information about the music she listened to. Students discovered how the archaeologist researcher works, they did an archaeological excavation and presented their findings, they walked to Kerameikos (where Myrtis was found), they got to know how the reconstruction of Myrtis’ face was done, they got to know the DNA and they isolated their own genetic material. See Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: Students discovering Myrtis’ story through the AR Tags at the actual place where Myrtis lived and died!

Additionally, they got to know the everyday life of Ancient Athens. They got to know the house, the furniture, the toys of Myrtis and they printed their own in a 3D printer and they performed with flutes the musical composition from the column of Seikilos, Moreover, they got to know the ancient coins and created with clay their own, they got to know ancient sports and they cooked gingerbread. They also saw in the observatory of the school the sky with “the eyes of Myrtis” and finally, using their gained knowledge and imagination, they created the diary of Myrtis.

Through the UC13 AR applications, from a “classmate” Myrtis gradually turns into a “teacher” and a distant great-great-great-grandmother who advises on what the young students need to know so that they do not repeat the mistakes of the past but instead learn everything that will help them create a better society. And all this happens in the area of the Ancient Agora, in the Acropolis, the Pnyka and the Kerameikos, where the greatness of antiquity subdues the visitor and creates suitable conditions for learning and teaching.

Technically, we used the AR tags created by ATOS and WINGS but this time not in a poster but as separate pieces of paper, “hidden” in the Kerameikos area. Students, played a treasure hunt game and discovered the tags in the area which were relevant to the specific spot! We also used the commercial 5G network.

For the purposes of the summer school, a printed programme – brochure was created. The event was covered by the printed version of one of the biggest newspapers in Greece: Kathimerini. See Figure 2 below:

Figure 2: On the left the Myrtis Summer Camp Programme and on the right the newspaper abstract from Kathi-merini