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Jun 2020 IEEE Access
5G New Radio Evaluation Against IMT-2020 Key Performance Indicators
M. Fuentes, et. al.
4.33 Mb Access
DeepCog: Optimizing Resource Provisioning in Network Slicing with AI-based Capacity Forecasting
Dario Bega, Marco Gramaglia, Marco Fiore, Albert Banchs, Xavier Costa-Perez
1.48 Mb Access
2020 Elsevier Computer communications
Experimenting with open source tools to deploy a multi-service and multi-slice mobile network
Gines Garcia-Aviles, Marco Gramaglia, Pablo Serrano, Francesco Gringoli, Sergio Fuente-Pascual, Ignacio Labrador Pavon
1.98 Mb Access
Dec 2019 IEEE Communications Magazine
A 5G Mobile Network Architecture to Support Vertical Industries
Albert Banchs, David M. Gutierrez-Estevez, Manuel Fuentes, Mauro Boldi, Silvia Provvedi
377 Kb Access
2019 Wiley Encyclopedia on Electical and Electronics Engineering
3GPP Enhancements for Television Services: LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast (book chapter)
David Gomez-Barquero, Jordi Joan Gimenez, Roland Beutler
527 Kb Access
IEEE Network
AI-based Autonomous Control, Management, and Orchestration in 5G: from Standards to Algorithms
Dario Bega, Albert Banchs, Marco Gramaglia, Marco Fiore, Ramon Perez, Xavier Costa-Perez
389 Kb N/A
IEEE Communications Magazine
Network Slicing Meets Artificial Intelligence: an AI-based Framework for Slice Management
D. Bega, M. Gramaglia, A. Garcia-Saavedra, M. Fiore, A. Banchs
N/A Access
Elsevier Computer Networks
ACHO: A Framework for Flexible Re-Orchestration of Virtual Network Functions
G. Garcia, C. Donato, M. Gramaglia, P. Serrano, A. Banchs
504 Kb Access
Oct 2020 Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies
Development of a system for registration and monitoring of UAVs using 5G cellular networks
Roman Odarchenko, et. al
1.57 Mb N/A