No. Video Description
1 5G-TOURS Cartoon
This cartoon video shows the European 5G Vision of “5G empowering vertical industries” closer to commercial deployment with 13 highly innovative use cases involving citizens and tourists in 3 types of cities.
2 Webinar 1
This webinar is a part of “5G end to end experimentation by verticals in EU projects”.
3 Webinar 2
Webinar is about the use of broadcast and multicast technologies in 5G, integration and application to use case 4 in 5G-TOURS.
4 Webinar 3
A webinar is focused on the technology that is powering immersive experiences on several 5G-TOURS use cases.
5 vrAIn: A deep learning approach tailoring computing and radio resources in virtualized RANs
While the application of the NFV paradigm into the network is proceeding full steam ahead, there is still one last milestone to be achieved in this context: the virtualization of the radio access network (vRAN). Due to the very complex dependency between the radio conditions and the computing resources needed to provide the baseband processing functionality, attaining an efficient resource control is particularly challenging. In this demonstration, we will showcase vrAIn, a vRAN dynamic resource controller that employs deep reinforcement learning to perform resource assignment decisions. vrAIn, which is implemented using an open-source LTE stack over a Linux platform, can achieve substantial savings in the used CPU resources while maintaining the target QoS for the attached terminals and maximize throughput when there is a deficit of computational capacity.
6 Practical 5G Healthcare use cases in the 5G-TOURS project
This is a video from Connect University about the Practical 5G Healthcare use cases in the 5G-TOURS project.
7 Joint 5G EVE – 5G-TOURS Demo Webinar
Collaboration between 5G EVE and 5G-TOURS – Belkacem Mouhouche, Samsung (Technical Manager of 5G-TOURS)

  • Demo 1: Smart parking in Athens International Airport – Evangelos Kosmatos, WINGS
  • Demo 2: Augmented tourism experience – Enrique Quirós, Atos
  • Demo 3: Teleguidance for diagnostics and intervention support – Ian Hay, Orange
  • Wrap-up – Mauro Boldi, TIM
8 Robot-assisted museum guide Integration over 5G
5G Network enables Robotic Remote control through complex environments supporting autonomous navigation. Ericsson Italy and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IIT, are developing and integrating this application in the Laboratories of Genoa in the context of the H2020 5G TOURS project.
The result of these activities will enable this application, with IIT R1 Robot, to be implemented in Turin site inside the Palazzo Madama and GAM Museums which will be equipped with Ericsson technologies for 5G Network implementation.
9 Augmented reality use case (WP 4 UC1)
WP4.A-AR: An augmented reality app to improve the experience of the visitors of the Palazzo Madama. The app makes use of Beacons to improve indoor location and also connects to Smart City Services to give the visitors useful and updated information. The 5G network allows real-time access to all the high-quality media content.
10 5G Tours Remote Health monitoring (UC6) and Optimal Ambulance routing (UC9) (WINGS)
Remote Health monitoring and Emergency situation notification (UC6) addresses solutions for remote health monitoring of people, especially when already diagnosed with a critical disease still compatible with home care (e.g. some form of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.). The main features offered, utilising the WINGS STARLIT platform, include: (a) real time remote health monitoring services of main vital-signs, and (b) quick, reliable notifications to users, family members and health care professionals in case of a health incident or a health emergency prediction.
Optimal ambulance routing (UC9) addresses real time navigation of the ambulance, both to the site of the emergency and back to the hospital, to ensure the timely provision of medical help and immediate patient transfer. While optimal ambulance routing has been addressed extensively from a a more theoretical aspect, the emergence of technologies such as 5G actually enables the fast and reliable acquisition of data on changing factors of an urban or suburban environment such as traffic flow, changing road graph, population mobility, and hospital capabilities, to be exploited by AI powered decision making.
11 5G-TOURS Itinerant Orchestra demo video
Remote and distributed video production is one of the most exciting and challenging of 5G use cases. As a much more efficient method of producing live sports, news, entertainment and events coverage than traditional outside broadcasts, it will allow broadcasters to deploy fewer camera operators to events (although many more cameras) and staff to work on multiple events a day, being located in a centralized studio.
This use case is designed to get an inside track on some of the multi-camera remote production capabilities, challenges and possibilities to come during the very early phases of 5G deployment. the main objective of the use case is to exploit the 5G TOURS network features for remote television production, analyzing how 5G networks could support various scenarios in which high-quality video is generated and transmitted.
12 Smart airport parking management (WINGS)
Smart airport parking management (UC10), onboarding on 5G EVE platform and AI-based enhanced MANO operation (WINGS)
14 OSM AI feature demo
Scaling action based on VNF CPU level forecasting
15 OSM AI-agents feature demo
VNF scaling actions based on road traffic image recognition
16 5G TOURS webinar “Remote health monitoring and emergency services powered by 5G”
A webinar about Remote Health Monitoring and emergency services powered by 5G. The webinar will showcase solutions for remote health monitoring of people, especially when already diagnosed with a critical disease still compatible with home care (e.g. some form of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.). The main features offered, utilising the WINGS STARLIT platform, include: (a) real time remote health monitoring services of main vital-signs, and (b) quick, reliable notifications to users, family members and health care professionals in case of a health incident or a health emergency prediction. The Webinar will also shortly showcase how, when an emergency has been identified, optimal ambulance routing is triggered to navigate the ambulance through areas with 5G coverage to ensure the provision of medical help on the go as well as timely patient transfer.
17 5G TOURS webinar “Hospital powered by 5G”
A webinar about the usage of the 5G inside the hospital. From the standardisations topics related to both 5G and DICOM, webinar will then go through the explanation of the UC8 architecture and features of 5G Tours Project, showing also related KPI and metrics.
18 5G-TOURS Industrial workshop in Turin – Touristic City
On 30 September 2021, the House of Emerging Technologies in Torino hosted the 5GTOURS Industrial Workshop “Torino – The touristic city” in a hybrid format, gathering more than 50 participants including attendees in the presence and online.
The aim of the workshop was to inform the local verticals (museums, cultural organizations, innovation centres) about the opportunities offered by the use cases developed by 5GTOURS in the fields of augmented reality/virtual reality, robotics, broadcasting and remote video production and distribution applied to the cultural and tourist sectors. The ultimate goal was to stimulate a conversation on the benefits, usability and long-term sustainability of such solutions.
19 Installation of the 5G network solution at Palazzo Madama
In the month of October, the works related to the implementation of the 5G network solution at Palazzo Madama have been finally concluded. Result of the joint effort of TIM and Ericsson (with the collaboration of Fondazione Torino Musei), the 5G network solution has been designed to satisfy the most stringent requirements in terms of bandwidth and latency coming from the different use cases: 800 Mbps/cell for the downlink from UC1 “Augmented Tourism Experience” in which multiple users (e.g. up to 30 devices) will download multimedia contents of considerable dimensions such as 3D scans of artefacts; 80 Mbps/cell for the uplink from UC5 “Remote and distributed video production” in which 4 concurrent high definition video streams with a bit rate of 20 Mbps each will be transmitted on the uplink; latency of less than 10 ms from UC2 “Telepresence” and UC3 “Robot Assisted Museum Guide” for a proper behavior of the robots’ navigation systems as well as from UC5 to deliver the video streams with a minimum and constant delay.
20 ‘Tele-Health Solutions Powered by 5G’ workshop organised by 5G-Heart and 5G-TOURS
A virtual event was held on the 22 October 2021 to discuss ‘Tele-Health Solutions Powered by 5G’ and hosted by two EU supported projects 5GHeart and 5GTours. The event was a huge success with a turnout of almost 100 attendees from all over Europe.
The workshop was divided into three parts, the first of which was a series of presentations on ‘Tele-health applications addressed by the 5GPPP’. The presentations were given by Cyril Krykwinski from the European Commission, Adrien Bresson from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Sofiane Imadali, Orange from the 5GTours project and Per Hjalmar Lehne, Telenor, from the 5GHeart project. The second part was a panel discussion on Tele-Health solutions for Ambulance Care and the third part was a panel discussion on Business Models for 5G Tele-Health.
21 5G Tours Project – Use Case 13 pilot
Five students from Ellinogermaniki Agogi are travelling at the airport with a school bus to visit an exhibit in the arrivals area introducing Myrtis to the travelers arriving in Athens. Their trip was very interesting and full of different events assisted by the AR/VR applications and of course 5G network.
22 5G Tours Use Case 13 video with Myrtis in the Greek TV
Myrtis, the ancient girl that was reborn by Dr. Papagrigorakis, is now part of the curriculum in the Greek schools.
This development is being discussed by her “father” in the TV Show called “Omicron 3” of the Greek National Television ERT3.
The professor also refers to the 5G-Tours project, while parts of the video produced during the pilot visit of students from Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) at the Athens International Airport (AIA) are being displayed at the background. It has to be noticed that ERT3 is a nation-wide TV station which is also broadcasting worldwide through the web and satellites.
23 UC8 “Wireless operating room” final demo
This video shows the results of the demonstration of the UC8 of the project, which was implemented in the ThérA-image room of the Rennes University hospital in April 2022. This video shows how to improve mobility inside the operating room, use wireless connectivity for medical devices, and assist the surgeon with AR view based on X-Ray and ultrasound images. Wireless connectivity is powered by a 5G private network at 26Ghz, with the RAN provided by Nokia, the Core by BCOM and the orchestration by Orange. A remote doctor based in Athens can monitor and interact during the intervention using AMA smart glasses connected to the 5G network.
24 Installing the 5G network in Palazzo Madam
25 Mapping the Museum
R1 and its team of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia are mapping the first floor of the GAM
26 3D Scans
The first steps for out AR APP, working with RAI’s staff
27 Our interactive wall
Schoolgroup working on Nicola De Maria’s art thanks to the wall designed by Samsung
28 R1 in Palazzo Madama
R1 is giving visitors a tour of the ceramics collection
29 R1 at the GAM
R1 is giving our visitors a tour of the XX century collection
30 VR and telepresence
Our visitors playing in a virtual version of Camera delle Guardie and visiting remotely the Roman ruins in the underground
31 5G-TOURS UC4c video