WINGS ICT Solutions is honored to be a member of the 5G-TOURS H2020 project consortium, along with 27 other European partners, aiming to realize the 5G-TOURS vision to improve the life in the city for the citizens and tourists, making cities more attractive to visit, more efficient in terms of mobility and safer for everybody.

WINGS ICT Solutions is an SME that is focused on the development of solutions (both software and hardware) for various vertical sectors. Solutions for four sets of vertical sectors are provided: (1) environment; (2) networks and infrastructures; (3) production and manufacturing; (4) service sectors. Currently, regarding the environment the primary focus is on air quality, through the product AIRWINGS, as well as on aspects related to security/safety. The networks and infrastructures area comprises solutions for: (a) utilities, i.e., energy, water, gas, through the product ARTEMIS; (b) transportation systems, i.e., the product WINGSPARK, for optimizing parking, as well as further systems for managing logistics, maritime, railways, and connected mobility; (c) construction, and, especially, digital twins for infrastructure elements and buildings. The production and manufacturing area comprises solutions for: (a) optimizing aquaculture, through the product AQUAWINGS; (b) addressing food safety, from scanning to blockchain to analytics, through the platform AGNES. The service sectors area comprises solutions for health, through the platform STARLIT, security/defense and the government.

The technology foundation comprises advanced wireless (4G/5G/B5G/WiFi), IoT, cloud and big data platforms, AI, orchestration and diagnostics, AR/VR. WINGS is proud to have cooperated from the beginning with world-class companies, in Greece, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. A series of cooperations with the US has been established, while activities for strengthening the footprints in the Middle East and in Africa are taking place.

WINGS was established in 2012, in Athens, Greece and today has around 120 employees, mostly in Greece and Europe. More info in:

In the context of 5G-TOURS project, WINGS is proud to lead 2 use cases related to Health in the safe city (Rennes node) and 1 in the mobility-efficient city (Athens node). In Athens, WINGS also supports all use cases by providing hardware and software vertical solutions tailored to the corresponding requirements.

The Athens node is based on 5G-EVE Athens site facility which will be extended towards the Athens International Airport where 4 different scenarios will be trialed. In the Smart airport parking management use case WINGS aims at extending its WINGSPARK platform in order to monitor in real-time the parking facility at Athens International Airport by leveraging on its 5G-enabled Smart Parking Occupancy sensors. WINGS will also provide a mobile app utilizing 3D graphics, that will assist the users in finding and navigating in the spot leveraging on AI. The smart parking management contributes to the emission reduction by reducing unnecessary vehicle movements to locate a parking space. This process will also add to the travelling efficiency of tourists through targeted parking spot suggestions. This is a solution that relies on the mMTC capabilities provided by 5G.

In the “Video-enhanced ground-based moving vehicles” use case WINGS will develop a live streaming web interface for the AOC (Airport Operation Center) providing support for day-to-day operations and instant response in emergencies. An indoor AR-based evacuation application providing personalized evacuation routes will be provided by WINGS in order to support the “Emergency airport evacuation” use case.

Finally, in the “Excursion in an AR/VR- enhanced bus” use case, WINGS will provide an AR-based application that will give the students the ability to travel back in time and revive the story of Myrtis, an 11-year old girl that of typhoid fever during the Plague of Athens in 430 BCE.

In the Rennes node, WINGS enhances the STARLIT platform to support the health monitoring and emergency situation notification use case, as well as the one involving the optimal navigation of the ambulance to the incident scene and the hospital. STARLIT’s outcome is the identification or the prediction of a health-related emergency which is followed by the immediate notification of the designated family members, health care professionals and nearest emergency care dispatch center.

WINGS is the Quality Assurance manager of the project focusing on securing quality in all activities and project reports. WINGS leads the “System integration and evaluation” of the 5G-TOURS platform while shaping the evaluation methodology of the project and participating in the technical evaluation w.r.t to the Athens and Rennes nodes technologies. WINGS has all the necessary «know how», infrastructure, facilities, and equipment in order to carry out quickly and reliably all projects undertaken contributing to a sustainable living.