On 25th June 2020, Carlos Barjau and Dr. Manuel Fuentes from iTEAM Research Institute, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), presented a webinar about the role of broadcast and multicast technologies in 5G, as part of the 5G-TOURS webinar series.

In this webinar, UPV provided a general overview and described the standardization process of such technologies in 3GPP. Two specific tracks were addressed, i.e. the so-called mixed-mode (MNO-centric, multicast, and unicast share resources) and the LTE-based 5G terrestrial broadcast mode (broadcast-centric, downlink-only).

The presenters also explained the key aspects of the integration and application of broadcast and multicast in use case 4 of 5G-TOURS. This use case is in turn divided into three sub-use cases, two of them aligned with the aforementioned 3GPP tracks, and the third one on 5G core multicast development. UPV described in detail the network deployment, equipment, and application components needed, as well as the plan for trials in 2020-2022.