NOKIA Bell Labs France (NOK-FR) is proud to be part of the H2020 5G-TOURS project, helping demonstrate 5G technology benefits and enablement of innovative vertical services to real users.

At Nokia we create the critical networks and technologies to bring together the world’s intelligence, across businesses, cities, supply chains and societies. Nokia Bell Labs unit conducts disruptive research focused on solving the challenges of the new digital era, defined by the contextual connection and interaction of everything and everyone. With expertise in analytics, cloud, fixed, optics and wireless, Nokia Bell Labs is seeking the technology solutions that will transform the connected world.

Nokia Bell Labs France centre is located at Nokia Paris Saclay site, close to Paris. Nokia Bell Labs France is covering research in photonics, optical transmission and signal processing, IP and optical networking, end-to-end mobile network solutions, software defined wireless networks, networks algorithms and control, cyber security, analytics, machine learning and mathematics of complex dynamic networks. As part of the open innovation strategy, Nokia Bell Labs France is also highly active in collaborative programs, research partnerships, and joint research laboratories. More information available at:

In 5G-TOURS, NOK-FR leads the Work Package aiming to design the complete 5G-TOURS architecture and to assess network deployment. This is an opportunity to facilitate the support of new vertical applications and players, devising a comprehensive functional architecture which captures particular operational and security requirements coming from the verticals and which translates them into automatic 5G infrastructure configuration. Nokia also leads Software Networks work group within 5G-PPP which explores the ways towards Cloud Native Telco platforms, 5G-TOURS being one of those instantiations.

Furthermore, NOK-FR delivers the technology for the implementation of the Safe City use cases and contributes to the extension and maintenance of the French trial node infrastructure. We empower joint operations between Nokia research and business units within the project, by providing an industry leading mmWave version of AirScale 5G new-radio RAN for the Safe City trial which is among the first installations in France (see Nokia AirScale mmWave description). mmWave is needed to deliver the 5G promise of super-fast data rates and ultra-low latency for the busiest enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) localities. 5G-TOURS accelerates the release of the mmWave RAN in 26Ghz band, its CE certification and the first field experimentation in eHealth field.

Direct collaboration between Nokia Bell Labs, business units and 5G-TOURS partners brings new operational modes, such as combining Physical Network Functions (PNF) and Cloud Native Functions (CNF), in order to achieve 5G network elasticity and flexibility. Therefore, 5G-TOURS acts as a reference platform on which research demos are developed and trials deployed, thus removing operational barriers for vertical use-case partners to empower 5G solutions.