Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Manolis Papagrigorakis (father of Myrtis), Ms Semiramis Mentesidou (Public Relations of Myrtis) and Dr. Sofoklis Sotiriou (Head of the R&D Department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi), Myrtis will now be part of the Greek Curriculum at the fourth grade of Primary School and at the first grade of High School. The project had a contribution to this development since EA is collaborating constantly with the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) of the Ministry of Education in Greece. IEP is responsible for the curriculum and is trying to reform it to include new technologies. From the next school year books will also include AR tags. EA has demonstrated to IEP the VR & AR applications created in UC13 and the inclusion of Myrtis in the curriculum will give us the opportunity to reuse the project results in the coming years so that gradually, most of the Greek students will become aware of Myrtis and enjoy a new way of learning.