Our 5G-TOURS project workshop on IEEE Globecom 2020 conference “Early deployments of 5G networks features and performance” became a part of “IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 Workshop on Advanced Technology for 5G Plus (AT5G+)”. This workshop was successfully held on 11 December 2020. This full-day workshop provided the opportunity for attendees from both academia and industry to share the views on advanced technologies towards 5G+.

Within the framework of this workshop, Marco Gramaglia presented the paper “The Touristic Sector in the 5G Technology Era: The 5G-TOURS Project Approach” on the IEEE Globecom Virtual Conference Platform. The paper discusses the challenges and the solutions that have been put in place in the Touristic City to provide the envisioned use cases about smart tourism and robotics.

The paper can be downloaded from our website.