Dear colleagues,
Welcome to the fourth edition of the 5G-TOURS newsletter!

5G-TOURS is approaching the conclusion of the project after 3 years of fruitful collaboration, which resulted in the achievement of the objectives set and overcoming challenges, primarily its development almost constantly during the pandemic. The project is an exemplary demonstration of the power of 5G technology in a variety of vertical applications. It delivers results through KPI measurement and direct feedback from end users and verticals collected during real-world trials.
Indeed, trials on media, AR/VR and robotic use cases have been executed in presence of the public and involving schools, 5G opportunities in the health sector have been evaluated by involving hospital doctors, and use cases in the airport sector also testing emergency situation like the evacuation of people.

This fourth newsletter encompasses an overview of the project’s goal, main technical achievements, innovators and results, key dissemination events and finally a last snapshot of the project outcomes.

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