With 10 years of proven experience in remote assistance solutions, AMA is helping medical institutions and industrial organizations of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation. Our market-leading XpertEye Assisted Reality platform allows experts and frontline workers to collaborate remotely on any device via a secure software platform, perfectly tailored to each business. AMA’s smart workplace has been deployed in more than 100 countries, addressing a wide range of applications like remote diagnostics, inspection, scheduling, and workflow management. These unequaled remote interactive collaboration solutions empower our customers to improve productivity, speed up resolution time, and maximize uptime. AMA is a fast-growing company with offices in Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Romania, Spain, the UK, and the USA – allows us to work in every time zone and reach our customers wherever they are. AMA is listed on Euronext Growth Paris.

AMA R&D, the research and development entity of AMA, is a team of 50 skilled and passionate employees ready to change human processes and efficiency thanks to smart glasses and real-time communication. XpertEye relies on network connectivity to bring and display data to the worker.

AMA is proud to be part of the H2020 5G-TOURS project that helps the hospital to improve its service and enhance emergency healthcare for any European citizen, thanks to 5G networks.

This was the case with the demo simulating a teleguidance for diagnostics and intervention support of an emergency ambulance using a 26GHz 5G wireless private network at b<>com Rennes at the end of September. A phantom was simulating a patient in an emergency ambulance. An emergency doctor from the CHU Rennes hospital shared smart glasses video stream showing this patient and an ultrasound echograph to interact with remote medical experts. Thanks to data rates as well as reliability and low latency offered by 5G cellular networks, hospital remote experts guided this emergency doctor in performing the critical treatment and analyzing the ultrasound exam. This was an immersive experience for distant medical experts that eased this remote collaboration scenario with the 5G mobile network and XpertEye remote collaboration solution.

With a better understanding of the situation, the medical regulator in the medical emergency call center and medical specialists can make better, informed decisions. Similarly, they offer better support and advice to the ambulance staff until patient stability is achieved.

For patients, this use case demonstrates 5G advantages to save lives and improve outcomes and wellbeing.