On 25.February.2022, took place in Greece the 5G TOURS Workshop of Athens, a mobility-efficiency City. The event was held virtually and was broadcasted on live streaming by 5G TOURS YouTube channel, gathering 178 registrations, 70 attendees and more than 440 views.

The purpose of the event was to present to local business and vertical industries the solutions developed by the partners of the Greek node and inform the audience about future opportunities and potentials. The focus fields were the use cases that took place in the airport of Athens offering 5G technologies for Smart Parking Management AR/VR Bus-excursions, Video-Enhanced Ground-Based Moving Vehicles, Emergency Evacuation accompanied with a thorough analysis about the Innovations and the KPIs.

The event was hosted and organized by Nokia Greece and started with a welcome message by the 5G TOURS Project Coordinator, coming from Ericsson Italia, who introduced to the audience the concept of the project and shared the information about the implementations. Focusing in Athens, the WP6 leader by OTE, shared with all participants a view of the Use Cases, the technology and the applications developed to support the 5G solutions. The infrastructure presentation and video of Nokia Greece closed the first part of the Workshop and launched a fruitful conversation concerning challenges, improvements and impressions.

Continuing with the agenda the Use Cases’ presentations and videos took the lead, offering to the audience the opportunity to view the developed solutions in detail and observe how the applications can grant safety, leverage passengers’ experience, contribute to new learning methods and improve the handling of health emergencies by expanding 5G capabilities.

Use cases as presented in the event:

  • Smart Parking Management, presented by WINGS ICT Solutions
  • Video-Enhanced moving vehicles’, presented by Athens International Airport (AIA)
  • Emergency Airport Evacuation solution, presented by WINGS ICT Solutions
  • Excursion on an AR/VR-Enhanced Bus, presented by Ellinogermaniki Agogi and WINGS ICT Solutions
  • Remote health monitoring, emergency situation notification, presented by WINGS ICT Solutions
  • Optimal ambulance routing powered by 5G, presented by WINGS ICT Solutions

The last part of the event was dedicated to the network KPIs and the Innovations. ACTA partner shared the KPIs by explaining in details the framework of the metrics and showing to the audience the results and the network capabilities based on the latest measurements. In the Innovation slot participants had the opportunity to watch the results of ACTA and WINGS ICT Solutions in designing and developing an advanced performance diagnosis platform and a tool for AI-enhanced orchestration aiming to maximize the impact of the trials and validate the 5G vertical applications.

The workshop came to highlight that the 5G services do not only improve the quality of life for citizens and tourists, but also represent an important business opportunity as they address industry segments accounting for more than 50% of the estimated revenues generated by verticals.

In parallel to the workshop a virtual world was created in “GatherTown” for socializing and hosting offline and parallel conversations. The visitors had the ability to watch the workshop’s videos, visit partners’ booths, grab a coffee and meet other people for networking and chit-chatting.

In the ‘Innovation’ slot, participants had the opportunity to watch how the correlation of measurement results from ACTA and WINGS ICT Solutions, led to the design and development of an advanced performance diagnosis platform and a tool for AI-enhanced orchestration by WINGS ICT Solutions, aiming to maximize the impact of the trials and validate the 5G vertical applications.

The recording of the event is currently available on Youtube!