We are ready to launch an instance of the WINGSPARK platform, an IoT / AI powered solution that is being deployed at AIA, in the context of 5G-TOURS! We introduce a new era in digital parking services in AIA, enabling drivers to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free parking experience. We make use of new technologies for simple but basic everyday activities to improve our lives. It includes a set of parking sensors, capable of operating with LTE, NB-IoT and 5G.

The driver will park easily via mobile phone, reducing the time to find a parking space, since the system will proactively direct drivers to the best parking spot, therefore, minimizing crucial factors, improving the accessibility of vehicles in the parking area, reducing the environmental pollution and mainly improving the quality of life for everyone. 5G paves the way for automating the parking operation. By using advanced technology and data, we connect smart cities to guide traffic, improve accessibility and lower the cost of parking operation. These evolution steps like WINGSPARK app, make the difference in our days, so stay tuned for news, as we are moving towards wider scale deployments in the field!