We are happy to present the second edition of the 5G-TOURS newsletter, in which recent milestones and trials are discussed. Midway through the project, we are swiftly moving from the architecture definition to the implementation of the use cases with some very exciting early demonstrations.

Recently, we had our mid-term review where we presented the progress so far and shared the plan for the second half of the project. The first half of the project focused on the definition of the use cases and their technical requirements, the overall architecture that incorporates many components such as 5G-EVE, legacy projects (5G-Monarch and 5G-Xcast) as well as 5G-TOURS specific innovations. The second half of the project will focus on the finalisation of the infrastructure and verticals implementation and subsequently on the use cases validation where the original requirements will be compared with project outcomes. We are also accelerating our dissemination activities by providing videos and webinars on specific use cases while we continue the organisation of workshops and contributions to standards such as 3GPP and specific verticals.

This second edition focuses on 8 innovative use cases.

Enjoy the reading!