This workshop was held in Madrid (University Carlos III of Madrid) to address one of the key use cases of 5G-TOURS: the use of 5G technology for emergency services.

The workshop gathered the main players in Spain in this area:

  • Telefonica, the main operator in Spain
  • Ericsson, one of the main 5G equipment providers
  • SAMUR, the national agency for emergency services
  • UC3M, one of the leading academic institutions on 5G

The workshop counted also with wide attendance from the other stakeholders in the Spanish 5G ecosystem, including vertical players.

This was a very successful project to debate and show the usefulness of 5G technology for this purpose.

A demo was provided in addition to several talks. It is worth highlighting that demo on 5G and emergency services had previously been broadcasted on the regional TV channel.

Agenda: English version | Spanish version