Samsung Research UK has been involved in 5G-PPP project since the start of Phase 1 in 2015. Samsung has also been involved in various projects, such as Fantastic-5G, MetisII, mmMagic for Phase 1, and 5G-Xcast, One5G, and 5G-Monarch for Phase 2. For Phase 3 Samsung is involved in 5G-VINNI, 5G-Locus, and 5G-TOURs.

Samsung is proud to be joining forces in 5G-TOURs along with 27 other European partners, in order to implement 13 5G-based use cases. Samsung is acting as the technical manager of the overall project in addition to contributing to the overall implementation of the architecture, as well as to specific use cases.

Diego Gonzalez from Samsung is demonstrating the use of XR headset at the PWA workshop by Samsung Internet at the Microsoft Reactor space in San Francisco

As the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung brings its long experience in the development of mobile phones to the project, in addition to other expertise in other areas such as network equipment, AR/VR, and smart applications.

In 5G-TOURs, Samsung ensures the overall technical management of the project by coordinating across all the work packages. In addition to its involvement in the definition and evaluation of the different use cases, Samsung contributes to the network architecture by leading the activity on artificial intelligence in network management, one of the main innovations of 5G-TOURs. Another major contribution of Samsung is its expertise in VR applications tied to the relevant use cases. Through a collaboration between the 5G and Web Platform teams, Samsung is using cutting edge Web APIs to create an immersive experience that transcends platforms and allows for maximum reach and discoverability of the cultural content offered by the Touristic City use cases.

Various equipment to be used for the 5G-TOURs AR/VR use cases

5G-TOURs is seen by Samsung Research UK as an important project as it provides the opportunity to have a tangible result of integrating 13 end-to-end use cases that build on top of three phases of involvement in EU projects. This will provide Samsung with insights on the challenges that were not seen in previous projects, where the focus was on specific network elements instead of concurrent implementation of end-to-end use cases. The Samsung team feels privileged to be part of this project, and is committed to contribute along other partners to its success.