5G-TOURS is the project which aims to get the European 5G Vision of “5G empowering vertical industries” closer to commercial deployment with highly innovative use cases involving cross-industry partnerships. 5G-TOURS will deploy full end-to-end trials to bring 5G to real users for thirteen representative use cases. All the use cases will be demonstrated in three different types of cities.

Rennes, the safe city where e-health use cases will be demonstrated. The Safe City aims to demonstrate how multiple vertical industries can simultaneously use the same 5G architecture and services to deliver advanced use cases to citizens. One of the leading roles in this direction takes The University Hospital of Rennes (CHURennes). That’s why two weeks ago the discussion about use cases “Teleguidance for diagnostics” and “Intervention Support” took place. It was really nice and fruitful meeting on the road to the development of the Safe City use cases.