Please join our Athens 5G mobility-efficient city workshop that takes place on February 25, 2022, at 09.30-15.00 CEST.

The mobility-efficient city aims at presenting a set of use cases that improve the tourism and tourism-related experiences from various perspectives. The use cases described below depict how airport processes can be improved leveraging the offering of 5G both from the side of the visitors and of the airport management. To this end, (i) smart sensor- and AI-based parking management, (ii) personalised evacuation procedure, (iii) follow-me vehicles enhanced with high-quality video streaming capabilities use cases are foreseen. iv) On top of the above, 5G-TOURS presents efficient ways of entertaining/educating travellers – in this case, students going on an excursion – on a smart bus. The Athens-node use case take place on the way to the Athens International Airport and at the airport itself as well.

5G-TOURS will also leverage 5G technology to devise novel solutions for transportation-related applications, which rely on the capabilities of 5G so as to aggregate transportation-related information and communicate between different transportation agents:

  • Smart parking management: This is a solution that relies on the mMTC functionality provided by 5G. A large number of sensors installed at each individual parking position will help keep track of available and occupied spots in real time, facilitating the parking process within an airport as well as in any other controlled parking area. As a result, this will also add to the travelling efficiency of tourists through targeted parking spot suggestions.
  • Airport evacuation application: This application will monitor the location of the different users and provide them instructions for evacuation. It will rely on 5G capabilities so as to instantly notify travelers and identify the exact position of the crowds. Based on this, it will devise an evacuation plan and send individual messages to each user with personalised instructions.
  • Video-enhanced follow-me cars: Follow-me vehicles, which lead aircrafts to parking positions, monitor and oversee the activity at the Airport Airside area, and attend incidents, emergencies and critical events. In 5G-TOURS will develop a solution to equip mobile units of the airport with high definition cameras, sending multiple live feeds to the Airport Operations Centers (AOCs) and other stakeholders. This solution will leverage 5G to enable live streaming of high-resolution video feeds, thus allowing for instant situation awareness and more efficient guidance towards parking locations.
  • AR/VR-enhanced school bus: Students usually spend a lot of idle time on route, while being transferred to or from the school premises. Applications based on AR or VR that can easily attract students’ attention and help them focus on valuable informative sessions on the road which were not feasible before 5G. 5G-TOURS will demonstrate how 5G and these advanced technologies can work together towards turning students’ idle time on a bus to constructive experiences.

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