BundlesLab Kft (BLB) is a Hungarian SME, which provides consultancy services to operators, manufacturers, and telecommunication companies in the field of wireless mobile systems. BLB also develops the line of software products for Android and IOS that enhances the QoE for mobile users.

Currently, BLB is a part of the 5G-TOURS H2020 project and brings its expertise in bonding technologies to a 5G-based use case targeting large audiences.

BLB has participated in several research projects and among them, the 5G-Xcast H2020 project qualitatively stood out. With the participation of BLB and LiveU, the 5G-Xcast project has cleared the way towards the use of bonding technology in 5G networks. In close collaboration with LiveU, BLB has designed, implemented, and evaluated a new multilink network function in the 5G core for media delivery using a multilink approach. In 5G-TOURS, BLB together with LiveU will leverage the LiveU multilink solutions from the 5G-Xcast project.

Multilink connection of the single-user terminal to multiple radio access points is a 5G key enabler that satisfies the demanding requirements of 5G mobile networks. The multilink solution supports simultaneous connectivity and aggregation across different technologies such as 5G, LTE, and unlicensed technologies such as IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi). In 5G-TOURS, multilink technologies will be used to increase the total available bandwidth for a very challenging remote and distributed video production use case.

The role of BLB in 5G-TOURS is supporting LiveU multilink solutions, technology evaluation, and QoE estimation. BLB was one of the main contributors to the development of the QoE estimation methodology for different 5G-TOURS use cases. It was shown that QoE is not directly depending on radio technology but the expectation increases with higher performance. Increasing expectation changes QoE but it is the same for all technologies. QoE considers a user’s expectation and QoS is more rational based on technical measurements. Proposed by the 5G-TOURS partners the QoE estimation methodology takes into account the most valuable QoS parameters (throughput, latency, jitter, etc.) and helps to establish the relationship between identified QoS parameters and QoE parameter. Thus, after conducting a number of tests and correlation-regression analysis it is possible to estimate overall QoE by analyzing only the most valuable network KPIs. This methodology is expected to be implemented in practice during the second and third years of the project.

Also, the BLB team in collaboration with LiveU has taken a leading role in project dissemination activity promoting the visibility of 5G-TOURS for the verticals. BLB participated in the publishing of several journal and conference papers, reflecting the most valuable results obtained in the 5G-TOURS project. BLB team maintains the project website and social media channels to ensure the largest possible exposure of the project. Thanks to BLB and other involved partners 5G-TOURS has its official cartoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIKJBMyd02o.

The BLB team is very proud to be a part of the 5G-TOURS project and is fully dedicated and committed to contributing to its success.