On the 4th March 2021, Nelly Besnard from Rennes University Hospital, Guillaume Campion from AMA, Mathieu Lagrange and Laurent Launay from b<>com presented a webinar untitled “Hospital Powered by 5G”. The presentation started with a description of the evolution of surgical techniques with new technologies such as Augmented Reality and explained the benefits expected by the 5G inside the hospital. After focusing on DICOM standard and 3GPP standardization for critical medical application, webinar showcased the use case Wireless Operating Room, with architecture, features and related KPI and metrics. To complete the picture, the use of the smart glasses inside the operating room was mentioned.

Webinar also dealt with the interaction with 5G-EVE project, and how 5G-TOURS and 5G-EVE are connected. Finally, a video showed the capacity of a 5G NSA network to transmit the video streams from probes and cameras to display an AR view.