Advanced Communications Testing Applications Ltd. (ACTA Ltd) is an SME founded in October 2002 in Athens Greece. It is a provider and integrator of Test & Measurement solutions, mainly focused on Telecoms, IT, Electronics and EMF & EMC technologies. It is present in the area of South East Europe. Especially in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, FYROM. Typical customers of ACTA Ltd are Telecom Operators, Integrators and Manufacturers, Utility companies, Universities, Research Laboratories and Enterprises providing test and measurement solutions for a wide range of technologies with greater focus on optical, mobile, radio and access networks. Over the past several years, ACTA Ltd has focused its attention towards Ethernet testing technologies, both in terms of ad-hoc approaches by providing state-of-the-art measurement and testing instruments from the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as long-term monitoring and testing solutions for performance analysis of a variety of production network environments, both wired and wireless.