The Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A. (OTE), a member of the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Group of Companies, is the incumbent telecommunications operator in Greece. OTE offers its customers a wide range of technologically advanced services such as high-speed data communications, mobile telephony, internet access, infrastructure provision, multimedia services, leased lines, maritime and satellite communications, ICT services and directories. OTE’s vision is to rank among the largest telecommunications companies in Europe, and through its international investments (mainly in the area of South-Eastern Europe), now addresses a potential customer base of 60 million people, making OTE the largest telecommunications provider in SE Europe. OTE’s R&D Department is involved in almost all technological and infrastructural issues and is an active participant in many EU and international collaborative projects. OTE’s current R&D activities include broadband technologies and services, next-generation network architectures, infrastructure development etc., following the actual challenges for the development of a fully competitive network infrastructure & a portfolio of innovative services/facilities.